Open Call Shows

Open-Call Shows

Our open shows are exactly what they sound like – they are open to any and all signers who would like to perform, without regard to ability or previous performing experience.  There are some rules that performers must follow:

  • Singers must secure a piano accompanist for the show.  If you need assistance finding a pianist, we can give you some suggestions.
  • Our format means that only piano and drums are used.  Additional instruments detract from the intimacy of the cabaret performance style.
  • Singers must choose at least one song from the Great American Songbook.  The 2nd song can be a song of your choosing.  If you need suggestions for songs, contact us and we can assist.
  • In order to make sure all performers get an opportunity to perform, each singer must “wait out” one show between performances.  If you sign up to perform in subsequent shows, we will place you on the wait list.  If someone drops out, we will approach people on the wait list to fill out the show.

We’re still scouting for new show locations, but feel free to indicate your interest in singing in a future show by emailing us.  We will add you to a potential singers list and contact you when we finalize date/time/location for our next open call show.




If you sign up to perform without naming a piano accompanist, you will be placed on the waiting list until you secure one.
If yes, you will be added to the waitlist for the next cabaret.



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